Bride suffers wedding fail after receiving the wrong dress days before

A bride-to-be was all set for her engagement party after ordering the ‘perfect dress’ – only to receive a completely different outfit just days before.

Zuzanna, from the US, had little to fear in terms of wedding planning.

The woman decided to bite the bullet and order a white lace maxi dress off Amazon that had almost 3000 positive reviews. 

She was shocked when the retailer mistakenly sent her a shorter version of the dress that fell right above her knee.

The mistake put Zuzanna in a pickle, as she no longer had an outfit for her engagement party. 

A woman was all set for her engagement party after ordering the perfect dress – only to have a completely different outfit sent to her just days before

Zuzanna shared photos of the dress ‘fail’ on a popular Facebook group hoping to make light of the stressful situation.

‘It’s not a bad dress at all,’ she said in her

She warned others about the dangers of online shopping without looking at clothing before purchasing.

‘Be careful what you order,’ she wrote in the caption. ‘I bought this dress for my engagement party on Saturday … I definitely will not be wearing it!’

The bride-to-be revealed that she was extremely surprised when she opened her package, as the reviews were ‘great’.

She also admitted that the material felt ‘cheap’ and like it would ‘fall apart’.

‘The material is super cheap feeling, but I feel like I could have worn it once before it fell apart in the wash.’

Zuzanna’s dress fail was thankfully a ‘fluke’ for her, as she revealed she had ‘never’ had a problem with anything else she bought off of Amazon.

‘I don’t hate the dress, it’s just not right for the occasion and that’s so sad.’

Instead, the American woman will now have to hunt for another dress on her lunch breaks before the weekend. 

The bride-to-be ordered a white lace maxi dress off Amazon [left] – only for the retailer to send her a shorter version of the dress that fell right above her knee [right]

A few in the comments found a shorter version of the dress Zuzanna ordered on the website, and realised the brand accidentally sent her the wrong version.

‘They have a short dress on the site, they probably scanned the wrong item when they sent it to you.’

‘It’s probably a mistake – I have several of these maxi dresses. You should contact them.’ 

‘They sadly shipped you the wrong one … ordering online is such a gamble. But you look lovely in it!’ 

Many others poked fun at the hilarious fail.

‘Where’s the other half of the dress?’ a man jovially asked.

‘Wow, you must be really tall!’

‘They forgot the last two feet of the dress.’ 

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