Tesla Motors 2016 Outlook

In the upcoming week, Tesla Motors will be reporting its fourth quarter results for fiscal year 2015 on February 10, 2016. After the company makes its announcement of the previous quarter; the investors will more likely be interested to know the outlook of the current quarter and how the Model X has performed.

The analysts at Wall Street are expecting that auto-maker will report operating revenue of $1.80 billion indicating a surge of about 89%while the adjusted net profit per share could amount to $0.08. Additionally, in a year’s time it has sold over 50,580 units as there was a high demand for the Model S Sedan along with sales of Model X.

According to the information provided by the company, there was a year over year rise in the deliveries of 75% which amounted to 17,192 units and for the fourth quarter, the told number of Model X sold were 208 as the organization manufactured 507 Model X in the previous quarter. Of these 507 units over 299 units are to be sold in the first quarter of the new fiscal year.

Shareholders and analysts are more interested in how the company plans to perform during 2016. In the present year, the business is expected to reach a weekly production capacity of 2,000 units while for the third quarter; the automobile maker had stated that it would reach a production capacity of at least 1,600 to 1,800 units. This amount of production means that during the current year, Tesla is likely to deliver at least 83,200 and 93,200 Model S and Model X, respectively. For the vehicles, it translates to at least 64% and 85% year over year growth in terms of sales.

In the start of 2017, the company aims to accomplish another thing which is to launch Model 3, which is a mass market vehicle. The price tag on the vehicle is expected to be of $35,000 – which is expected to increase the number of sales targets in the future. For the electric vehicles, the company has a Gigafactory plant which manufactures over 500,000 batteries yearly. Tesla Motors is aiming at selling as many as 500,000 electric vehicles by the end of the year all across the world.

Ever since the launch of Model S, there has been a significant increase in the growth of yearly revenues. For the year, analysts are expecting that the company could report a growth of over 68.3% which would amount to $5.38 billion for the Model S however analysts at Wall Street are expecting that the organization will report a year over year increase of 58% in revenue for 2016. Furthermore, profit per share could amount to $1.54 which was reported to be a net loss of $1.3 in 2015.

Tesla Stock is being traded at a share price of $162.60 indicating a decline of 7.26% with earnings per share of $-5.32. During the trading session, the stock price hit a high of $173.00 and a low of $157.74 while the 52-week high was of $286.65 and the one year low was $157.74.

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